Network Matching Bonus

This type of bonus is usually given to motivate members to grow their network deeper. This amount is earned as a percentage for every individual signed on by their front-lines and down-lines. You earn 10% Bonus on each Level.


When you refer 2 persons. FxKash will pay additional 5% of their investment or each of your referrals once you bring 2 persons one in your left and one in your right, making it total of 10% for each. This two persons are known as your frontline distributors


This level you need 4 persons to complete this level. Here, Each of your frontline need to register at least 1 person under them for you to earn the first 10% from their investment, when Each of your front line complete their second leg, you earn additional 10% of their second leg’s investments.


You need total of 8 persons to complete this level. Each time two of your down liners one on your left leg and one on your right leg brings two persons each, you earn 10% from their investment. When the other two downliners complete their own legs you earn another 10% from their investment.

NOTE: You can help your frontline to complete their level by registering additional persons, whenever you register a 3rd person or more, they will be fixed on your Level 2 under your front liners, thereby helping both you and your front liners to complete your legs faster. This is called spillover

Benefits of FxKash network compensation plan.

Maximum of 2 legs
No compulsory monthly purchases (target)
No time frame (no pressure)
Weekly bonus payment
Grow at your own pace
Unlimited accumulation of bonuses